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Landing Page Design for Tropic Star LodgeAnyone who’s run a search marketing campaign before knows it to be true: it doesn’t matter how great your ad copy sounds, how little you paid for a click, or how brilliantly you targeted your users if the page you land them doesn’t convert.

We get it: website design is expensive. Overhauling your entire site just to improve your PPC numbers may not seem worthwhile. And maybe you want to eventually, but it’s just not in the cards right now.

That’s where the beauty of one-off landing pages comes in.

Our landing page design and optimization service allow you to land users from paid search on beautiful, compelling, conversion-focused pages on your site, guiding them directly through the optimal conversion path and giving you a powerful degree of control over the on-page user experience.

But the power doesn’t stop there. Custom landing pages for PPC also allow you to:

  • Instantly A/B test image and copy variations, rapidly stress-testing the content on the page to find the exact message and medium that resonates
  • Experiment with new color and font pairings on a design consistent with your brand, but not limited by the overall site theme
  • Control your message with exacting precision, using the most authentic and compelling voice for your brand without worrying about how it’ll affect keyword rankings

Our landing pages also easily integrate with your sales funnel, streamlining the entire buying experience and ensuring customers don’t get lost along the way.

And while our unique landing pages will always stay on a subdomain, ensuring that no on-page decisions impact your SEO, we’ll still optimize each page intelligently for keywords relevant to the user’s search, improving AdWords Quality Score and thus reducing your cost-per-click.


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