Simple Donate is WordPress plugin to make requesting and receiving donations painless. Simple Donate allows multiple donation levels, custom donation amounts and donation maximums. It does this through a simple shortcode that has a generator built into the editor.





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[Simplified] Output Code

[crayon title=”(Simplified) Output Code” toolbar-hide=”false” lang=”html” ]


This is the (tidied) html after the page loads and Javascript is executed. Javascipt controls the amount after it is confirmed that Javascript is enabled.


Shortcode Attributes


The name of the item displayed on the PayPal Invoice

amt – label pairs

The shortcode can contain any number of amt/label pairs (e.g. amt1 label1, amt2 label2…)


The label displayed for the “other” field.


As the other field uses the new HTML field number you can specify a minimum step size. This will also act as the minimum denomination (if you set the step to 10 donors can only donate in increments of 10: 10,20,100…).


The text on the submit button.


If set to true, various things will be logged by console.debug() and the plugin attributes will be output in a <pre> after the shortcode.

Styling, etc.

Simple Donate adds CSS classes to almost every element it creates so that they can be styled by external CSS. The best way to understand the structure is to view the code created and hook your CSS to the classes created by the plugin.

Simple Donate does not have a built in way to add CSS to a page with Simple Donate on it, as we feel this is better taken care of by your theme or other plugins such as Insert JavaScript and CSS.