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You know your customers are on Facebook. You know you’ve seen ads on Facebook, and every once in awhile, you see an ad that really does speak to your interests as a consumer. You might wonder what power this could have for your business, and whether you should consider advertising on Facebook.

The answer is, for nearly all businesses, a resounding “yes.”

Those who consider Facebook to be old news are missing the boat. In reality, Facebook’s user base is only growing, with an incredible 1.04 billion people logging into the platform every day at the end of 2016. (That’s a 3% increase from the previous quarter, even as the platform nears its twelfth year on the web.)

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

The Power of Facebook, By The Numbers

If you’re skeptical of the value of Facebook as an ad platform, consider this:

  • Facebook’s 1.5+ billion users generated 22 billion ad clicks in 2016 alone.
  • Unlike other ad platforms, Facebook has access to a wealth user-provided demographic info, from gender to income bracket to interests, that provide countless options for highly specific targeting.
  • Advertising experts widely agree that Facebook ads are one of the cheapest ways to reach your potential customers – perhaps the cheapest in history.

Unfortunate as it may be, the days of free advertising on Facebook are over. But when left to the right hands, a little bit of ad budget can go a long way.

Ethoseo’s Facebook Ad Management Process

Ethoseo’s team of Facebook Ad Managers all approach advertising with a wealth of experience in many areas of digital marketing, but especially in Facebook’s most similar platform: Google AdWords. We combine our understanding of advanced ad targeting, conversion rate optimization, and campaign management with our knack for powerful copy and striking imagery that compels customers to convert.

In a typical Facebook Ad campaign, we would:

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New Facebook campaign structure

  • Schedule a discovery interview to meet with you and learn more about your business
  • Perform competitive research into your industry, deeply understanding your customers’ interests and social media habits
  • Build an initial series of custom ad sets and ads, using powerful imagery approved by you and paired with creative, engaging copy
  • Create an additional set of ads with imagery, copy, and call-to-action variations to A/B test and learn what best resonates with your target audience
  • Launch your campaign and actively monitor performance over time
  • Perform active management and optimization, incorporating insights from ongoing A/B testing and pruning out underperforming ads
  • Report directly to you, providing regular insights about campaign performance at intervals determined by the project contract

We’re excited to show you the difference Facebook can make. To get in touch about how we can help your business advertise on Facebook, please fill out the short form below.


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