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The world of digital marketing changes every day, and to stay on the bleeding edge of such a complex, multifaceted industry requires one to keep an ear very close to the ground. And as a business owner, manager, or marketing executive, you’ve probably got enough on your plate.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed having to keep track of the latest updates to Google AdWords, how search engines evaluate content in 2016, how to approach a multi-channel content strategy, how Google is planning to move into social, and why the heck you should use Facebook’s new Power Editor, it might be time to hire a digital marketing consultant.

Strategic Digital Consultation

As with all of our client engagements, we approach digital marketing consultation with a strategy-first attitude. We formulate a plan grounded in measurable business and digital objectives, and hand-select individual marketing tactics to help achieve your goals. We’ll create a formal document outlining this strategy, including goals, overall strategic vision, recommended tactics, best practices, timeline, and budget. Then we’ll either hand that work off to you, or execute it ourselves – whichever is a better fit for your organization.

Cross-Platform Marketing Strategy

The days of digital specialists – working day in and day out on the same narrow set of tasks, isolated from a larger team – is over. Digital marketing in 2016 must be approached holistically, applying a deep understanding of modern best practices to a rapidly growing list of platforms, tactics, and technologies. In short, knowing one area of digital isn’t enough –you need consultants with a strong grasp of every major digital platform, and how they intersect with one another.

That’s where we come in.

Why Choose Ethoseo For Digital Marketing Consultation?

We are passionate about our process and we’re confident in its results. To put it in a few words, our digital consultation services are:


  • Measurement-focused. We strongly believe that no agency should perform work that cannot be measured. The true power of digital is in data, and we ensure that every engagement of ours begins with an understanding of exactly what we’re going to measure on your website, and how we’re going to measure it.
  • Transparent. Black-hat or gray-hat digital practices pose a grave threat to any organization. A single wrong move on the part of an agency can erase an organization’s search engine results in minutes. As such, it is a top priority for us to guarantee our tactics are in line with the industry best practices for every platform we perform work on.
  • Customized. Boilerplate recommendations are of no use to any ambitious brand. We understand the importance of a strategy that is built around your organization’s specific needs and goals, and so we work hard to combine the insights you provide us in the discovery phase with the findings from our own deep research into your industry and competition. We use these to build a highly customized digital strategy, using handpicked tips and tactics to help you dominate the world of digital.

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Strategic Digital Consulting

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