Your paid search marketing budget should be increasing revenue. And at Ethoseo, we can help you do just that. Ethoseo’s AdWords Management delivers lower costs and a higher return on investment for businesses serious about growth. Whether you’re looking for Google AdWords account set-up, PPC strategy, an AdWords audit or ongoing account optimization – Ethoseo can help.

Benefits of Ethoseo’s AdWords Management Include:

  • Improved Return on Investment
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Lower Costs
  • Expert Advice
  • Invites to Beta Test New AdWords Features
  • Over 10 Years of PPC Experience

Ethoseo’s AdWords Management Process:

  • Initial AdWords discovery interview
  • PPC proposal submitted, discussed and approved
  • Keyword list generation and ideation
  • Building and organizing draft campaign
  • Writing and / or rewriting multiple ads
  • Launch, monitor and modify campaign
  • Iterative testing, refining, and scrubbing of keyword list.
  • Continual improvement on return on investment, click through rates, and Quality Score

Once your ads are running, we begin the process of optimizing your account. Unlike other search-marketing firms, we do not overload our account managers with multiple clients. Account specialists are only allowed to manage two accounts at any given time, ensuring your AdWords performance never suffers.

Ethoseo’s AdWords Optimization Process:

  • Automated rules set-up
  • Daily below bid estimates
  • Continuous A/B Ad Testing
  • Custom AdWords Landing Pages
  • Ongoing keyword research and testing
  • Negative keyword lists expansion and review
  • Product listing integration and management
  • Quality score optimization and recommendations
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal trend analysis

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