Coast to Coast Gutters

Paid Search & SEO Management

“Ethoseo exceeded our expectations of what was possible with PPC marketing. After two months, Ethoseo delivered a return on investment of 190%. It’s been a great experience.”

Valerian Soltes
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Coast To Coast Gutters, a local gutter installation company, was looking for an inexpensive way to promote their business online. Sales were down and many other competitors had recently entered the gutter installation market.

Advertising consisted of yearly phonebook listings and the occasional newspaper ad.


Having never advertised online before, Coast To Coast Gutters was unsure of the effectiveness of small business PPC advertising and search engine optimization. Additionally, a limited budget made Coast To Coast Gutters unsure of how effective the campaign could be.


1. Local SEO

Before any PPC ads were started, we ran a thorough site audit that revealed numerous on-site SEO problems. To prevent low quality scores in AdWords, it was essential to optimize Once the on-site optimization was complete, we began a small link building campaign designed to improve their overall authority and thus rankings.

2. Local PPC

Once we had finished the On-Site SEO solution, we began a hyper-targeted PPC campaign. We designed a pay-per-click campaign that focused on quality ads, great quality scores, and cost effective keywords.

We began by researching the most effective keywords. Next, we organized the list into separate Ad Groups, allowing us to target Coast To Coast Gutters customers by buying intent, location, and interest. Each ad was designed to convert customers and deliver the highest return on investment.

Coast To Coast Gutters saw a dramatic increase in click-through rates after signing up for PPC Management.


Soon after launching their campaign with ethoseo, Coast To Coast Gutters reported an immediate increase in customer leads and conversions. Within two months USAGuttersFL not only owned the top spot on Google, but also ranked #1 in the local listings.


  • Traffic increased 242.38% over the first two months.
  • PPC Conversion rate is over 40%
  • Average Quality Score is 7+
  • Created 50+ geo-targeted PPC landing pages
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