SendFudge PPC

Paid Search Management

With over 40 flavors of fudge, is the premier fudge retailer online. After starting with another SEO agency, Send Fudge decided to accelerate their growth by using Ethoseo’s PPC Management.


When Send Fudge came to Ethoseo, they were managing their AdWords campaign in-house. With limited AdWords experience, they created two small campaigns targeting a few key phases. The keyword set and account structure was limiting the amount of sales and making it difficult to budget for each campaign. Based on this campaign structure, AdWords performance fell short of their expectations.


We started with a comprehensive discovery interview, during which we identified Send Fudge’s target markets and competitors. Next we created a strategic plan that included:

  • A comprehensive keyword research phase
  • Restructured account settings
  • Proper Ad Group Segmentation
  • Budget allocation based on conversion data
  • Improved AdWords messaging and ad extensions
  • A/B ad testing


After three months, AdWords delivered a large increase in conversions. We also uncovered a new market that has accelerated SendFudge’s mission as the #1 fudge online.

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