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ECommerce Web Design Case Study



Trayvax, a rapidly growing business based out of Bellingham, WA, is best known for inventing a unique, durable RFID-blocking wallet designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions. Having outgrown their rudimentary Wix website, Trayvax came to us looking for a robust eCommerce platform with a site design that matched the quality of their product.


Just two years into the company’s existence, Trayvax wallets have already become immensely popular. Since Trayvax products can only be purchased through the company’s website, the high volume of customer demand was beginning to put serious strain on the capabilities of their current platform. To capitalize on the existing demand for Trayvax wallets – and to present customers with a web experience fitting of a nationally recognized product – Trayvax set out in search of a brand new website that would both streamline the purchasing experience for customers and represent the brand professionally to the rest of the web.

In addition, Trayvax wanted to capitalize on existing user demand by increasing the avenues by which users could find their products: namely, through search engines. While social media advertising was driving traffic, that traffic converted at a very low rate (<1%) and at a high cost per conversion.


Before setting out to redesign the new Trayvax site, we diagnosed a number of problems that were preventing the existing site(s) from performing well.

  • Multiple domains. When we first met with Trayvax, their web content was hosted across three domains: a standalone site that introduced customers to the product, a web store dedicated to selling the product, and a separate site for the blog. Needless to say, this arrangement made it difficult to present users with a streamlined web experience – and from an SEO perspective, it was far from ideal. Any search engine ranking power earned by one of the individual domains was limited to that domain, effectively cutting Trayvax’s ability to rank into thirds.
  • Inconsistent brand voice. As is often the case with growing businesses, Trayvax’s first websites were designed to hit the ground running. As a result, the copy and messaging on the site was fairly thin, and did not effectively convey the voice of the brand. Other quirks characteristic of a small business’s first website, such as typos and grammatical errors, were hurting the site’s overall professional appearance and ability to compel users.
  • No comprehensive measurement in place. Trayvax’s websites were not set up with analytics in mind, and that made it difficult to establish a baseline for site performance. It was possible to determine some top-level figures – how many sessions occurred every day, how many new users came to the site, which channels drove the most traffic – but the absence of any conversion tracking made it difficult to determine what was helping the bottom line and what wasn’t.
  • No search engine optimization. Given that the lion’s share of traffic to the site was being driven by social media – specifically, advertising on Facebook – it was no surprise to us that SEO had not been a major part of Trayvax’s previous marketing efforts. None of the sites had been optimized for keywords valuable to the business, as was reflected in second- and third-page rankings in Google search for those terms.


After meeting with the Trayvax team to discuss their needs, we set out to create a website that would:

  • Convert new and existing customers
  • Represent the Trayvax brand with a polished, professional aesthetic
  • Resonate with Trayvax customers
  • Effectively measure site performance
  • Be able to handle increased demand for years to come

Additionally, we developed a custom digital marketing strategy for the new Trayvax site that would drive highly converting traffic from search engine results pages, better inform users about the brand, and steadily decrease the site’s average cost per conversion.


Following the roadmap established in our strategy development phase, we executed in two phases:

  • Web Design, Development, and Optimization
  • Ongoing Digital Marketing



Phase One: Design

After meeting with the Trayvax team to better understand their brand, audience, and the functionality desired for the Trayvax website, we set about researching and designing a new site on Pixafy, an ideal eCommerce platform for a project of this scale.

Our design phase included the following:

  • Competitor research
  • Content strategy meeting & development
  • On-page keyword research & targeting
  • Baseline analytics and measurement model
  • Orientation and development of strategic concept

Phase Two: Strategy Development

Our strategy for Trayvax focused on two major areas: PPC campaign creation and SEO.

  • PPC research
  • Google Shopping campaign
  • Merchant Center
  • Google text-based campaigns


Within two months of the new site’s launch, Trayvax experienced massive increases in search engine rankings, traffic, site engagement, and most importantly, conversions.

Here’s a closer look:


Organic Search Rankings

  • Achieved top 3 rankings in Google for 9 essential keyword phrases, receiving over 10,000 monthly searches combined
  • Saw a 79% increase in traffic from organic search

Site Traffic & Engagement

  • Saw a 138% increase in direct traffic
  • Twofold increase in referral traffic
  • 50% increase in user engagement across all channels
  • 348% increase in pageviews
  • 174% increase in pages visited per session
  • Bounce rate down 49%

Paid Search Performance

While the new website undoubtedly contributed to the rise in user engagement – and the optimization performed on the site drove greater organic search traffic – the paid search campaign developed for Trayvax worked concurrently to bring thousands of new, high-quality visitors to the site.

Key metrics:

  • Users visit an average of 4 pages, spending 3+ minutes on the site

Behavior metrics:

  • 50% increase in user engagement in all channels
  • 348% increase in pageviews
  • 174% increase in avg session duration
  • Bounce rate dropped by 49%



Our collaboration with Trayvax established brand awareness through higher organic search rankings, refined the organization’s voice and brand, yielded the business a substantial increase in quality traffic through paid media, and drove much greater engagement on the brand’s website.

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