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In 2010, one of the largest home decor suppliers in the United States contracted with Ethoseo to develop an integrated online marketing strategy. After outsourcing their SEO to an overseas firm and losing rankings, they contacted Ethoseo to devise a comprehensive online marketing strategy.


After speaking with the business owner, Ethoseo crafted a strategy that incorporated paid search, custom application development, SEO, email marketing, video creation, and organic search marketing.

Based on feedback during the discovery process we created 10 new PPC campaigns. Each campaign was designed to target users at different stages of the buying funnel. Using prior campaign data, we were able to drastically improve the PPC campaign within weeks. Next, using third party tools and AdWords geographic reports we identified three new paid search targets:  Australia, England and Russia. Finally, we integrated their paid search campaign with Google Products allowing us to run Product Listing Ads that drove additional sales.

After optimizing the paid search campaign, we turned our efforts to SEO. We started the SEO process by running a complete site audit, which revealed many onsite errors. Next, we began the process of optimizing each template file on their site. This included updating their template files with microformats (see, further differentiating their listings in search engine results. After optimizing over 6,000 pages, we began a passive link building campaign that worked. Rather than building links using directories and guest posts, we choose to create custom apps that allowed users to build links for the site. One tool we created was an embed code generator that allowed bloggers and site owners to use images from the site in exchange for a link.

We also focused on increasing user-generated content (UGC) on the site. Rather than paying for an expensive review solicitation platform, we created a custom solution that emailed customers to leave reviews on products they recently purchased.


 By building links passively, we could turn our attention to producing new content, email marketing,, and quarterly Facebook contests. This integrated marketing campaign led to an increase in revenue, boosted search rankings on Google and Bing, and delivered a whopping 330% return on investment. Not bad!

By the Numbers:

  • 330% Return on Investment
  • 315,051 visitors to the site, an 88% increase from the prior year.
  • Unique visitors increased 85% from the previous year.
  • Page views more than doubled to 2,645,662 a 122% increase.
  •  Pages per visit increased 18%
  • Average visitor duration increased: 8.43%
  • Top 5 rankings for key head terms related to product
  • Top 10 rankings for hundreds of mid and long tail terms
  • 376,078 Keywords driving traffic over a 12-month period
  • 600+ likes on Facebook

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