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Brand Development & Website Design

Brand Development & Website Design

Autumn Cunningham, an experienced real estate agent in Bellingham, WA, reached out to us in the fall of 2015 in search of a website design firm that could help her build her new brand on the web. We happily obliged, and set out to research, design, and build a new website that would beautifully represent her personal brand – on which we would collaborate – while also incorporating functionality essential for a realtor’s website.


Autumn came to us with three primary requirements for our branding and web design project:


  • Modern, clean, and aesthetically appealing design. The site needed to immediately impress new users, showcasing both Autumn’s personal style and the homes she had for sale.
  • Authentic, personal branding.Since Autumn was crafting a personal brand for the first time, a key part of our project involved determining exactly how to incorporate her business values and refined personal taste into a distinct visual style.
  • MLS integration for home listings.As a realtor, Autumn need a site that would easily integrate listings for client homes, using MLS functionality to show homes and make them searchable, while also appearing and acting seamless within the rest of the site.


Phase 1: Brand Development and Comprehensive Site Design.

Our site design for Autumn followed Ethoseo’s proprietary ten step web design process, including:


  1. Discovery, in which we met with Autumn to learn more about her goals, brand values, and vision for the new site
  2. Research & Strategy, outlining both a comprehensive plan for the site itself and a digital strategy to drive qualified traffic
  3. Brand Development, taking our findings from the discovery and crafting a visual brand and voice reflective of Autumn’s aesthetic preferences & personal style
  4. Content & Messaging, performing keyword research, determining an SEO-friendly site structure, and crafting content to strike a balance between searchability and the brand voice
  5. Wireframe & Mockups, creating a site breakdown, incorporating navigation and other design elements, and running several mockups by Autumn to find the correct balance of function & aesthetics
  6. Design, carefully planning what the site needed to feature and how, and how to incorporate our content strategy into the design
  7. Development, building and optimizing all pages on the site, adding imagery, and incorporating MLS functionality
  8. Testing, running the site through multiple independent user tests to ensure all site functionality performed as expected and receiving input on the site user experience, to be incorporated into a final round of revisions
  9. Launch, coordinating a broad push across social media channels and creating a press release to unify messaging surrounding the site launch, while carefully monitoring the site in its first few days on the web
  10. Training & Support, collaborating with Autumn to create a long term plan for maintenance on the website, and training her team on how to best add new content as the site expands naturally over time


Phase 2: Driver strategy development


Though we optimized Autumn’s site for search engines as part of the design & build process, we also recommended and implemented a paid search strategy in order to drive even more qualified leads from search results.

During this process we followed our proprietary AdWords campaign creation process, involving 8 key steps:


  • Initial AdWords Discovery & Collaboration Meeting
  • Keyword Research Phase
  • Ad Copywriting & Refinement
  • Draft Campaign Submission & Feedback
  • Edits & Revisions
  • Campaign Upload
  • Campaign optimization, including ad extensions
  • Launch & Monitor



  • 168 total rankings increases in Google organic search
  • Over 50 new ads targeting hundreds of new longtail keywords
  • A substantial increase in leads after one month of launch
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