Google AdWords PPC Audit

Maintaining a large scale AdWords account requires a lot of effort, and the sheer amount of data present within the interface can be overwhelming. In order to better understand where your account stands and diagnose any issues inhibiting performance, it’s best to perform a thorough audit of your AdWords account, especially before building any new campaigns or ads.

During this process, we’ll go through your account with a fine-toothed comb, looking at key performance metrics at the campaign, ad group, and keyword level. We’ll also analyze your current account structure and provide recommendations on how to better streamline your account to maximize performance.

Our full PPC audit process includes:

  • Full review of goals and KPI targets
  • Conversion tracking and url tagging
  • Campaign Settings Review and Analysis
  • Networks
  • Device
  • Locations
  • Bid Strategy
  • Extensions
  • Delivery
  • Campaign Structure
  • Ad Group Review
  • Keyword Research Review and Quality Score Analysis
  • Audience Targeting ( Remarketing | Demographics)
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Ad Copy Review

To get started on your Google AdWords account audit, contact us today.

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